Why have a Video anyway??

Many think about photos and video and then wonder,
“Why should I have a videographer anyway?”
Here are some reasons why and how we can help…

The rings, your film and photos are often the only things
that last beyond the big day.

Sounds obvious but videos capture the voices and movement of people, imagine showing your children in the future, sadly some of your guests may not still be about, a video captures their joy on your day too.

Why not have Cousin Jeff do it? With over ten years experience in helping over capture great shots, we’ve the knowledge and know-how to add a helping hand to your friends and family to get the best out of your venue and party with full support and guidance.

Your loved ones filming the day adds a element that often can’t be captured by a professional, how many people act on their best behaviour when a suited stranger is near? Capture a totally natural and fun take on the proceedings with you and your friends behind the camera.

Keeping the costs down is something we endeavour to do, the costs of our packages are for the editing time and to ensure top quality kit is available for use, the cost of filming itself is unnecessary and so this saving can be passed onto you.

So much effort goes into your day, recently someone told me that they saw things in the video that they had missed during the whirlwind of the day, so a video is the perfect way to see the whole day with fresh eyes.

Hope this is food for thought for those interested, always happy to chat films, offer guidance or generally have a chit chat xx

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