Hi, I’m Rae, thank you for being interested in my little company!
I aim to share special occasions by providing videos, so we can share and relive the wonderful moments in life.

Born in Wiltshire and having grown up in Buckinghamshire, I had a childhood interest in visuals whilst helping in my Uncle’s photography shop one Summer long ago, I went on to study Video Production at University.

After graduating in 2001, I stayed within the University as a Technician and quickly moved into the role of Senior Technician, I enjoyed helping provide technical support for BA students and working with them within our editing suites, Green Screen and Drama Studios, and also out on the road with our Outside Broadcast truck.

I started teaching Special Effects Editing to our students and also had fun writing and developing a Video Production course for Journalism and Advertising students as well as visiting 6th Formers too.

After years of helping others create their own videos, I moved to the stunning Dorset Coast to be with my partner and decided to start my own small business helping those with upcoming Special Occasions.

I love these sorts of events as there is so much love to be shared and cherished, it makes me happy to see!

To be able to capture this love and then edit it them together for others to be proud of really makes my journey worthwhile.

If you didn’t see already…. Your loved ones can capture an amazing and insightful take on your Special Day! Instead of the usual suited stranger at your Big Day, your guests and loved ones will know you best and keep things natural. You’ll capture a truly unique and heartfelt view of your day.

Thank you for reading, Rae xx

A little about Rae…

A little short to give you a flavour of where I've come from, my skills and background. From a Degree in Film Production way back when to then Senior Video Technician, to writing modules and teaching other creative students, then exciting adventures with many Music Events and Sports with an Outside Broadcast truck, to finally moving to the beautiful Dorset Coast to start up what will become Little Lotus Films. Please excuse the 'urms and 'ers (I like being behind the camera, not in front of it), hopefully this will be a little insight into my working history, thanks for watching, Rae x

Posted by Little Lotus Films on Thursday, March 14, 2019