'Reel' Weddings

Your Wedding is a most important day, a day to enjoy and cherish!

With Little Lotus you and your loved ones have the fun filming and then we’ll create a bespoke edit.

If you don’t fancy the sound of that, then we also offer full film options for those who wish to sit back and relax.

Perfect for capturing and sharing Anniversaries and Big Occasions 



Many wonder whether to have a video, if you’re interested in one but not convinced then have a read of this.

Film also allows your friends and family the chance to record messages, these two had a lot of fun together capturing a message for the happy couple. Something that’s truly personal and unique that static shots just can’t recreate. 

"We received our wedding videos back this week.. a shorter one for sharing and a longer one for us and are so happy with the results! We had been thinking about having a videographer but were unsure.. the service Little Lotus Films provides is not like any other I know and one which I'd recommend for every couple! The footage collected was very personal as the guests were filmed by family members and myself (Bride) at times. We're now able to watch over memories of our service, first dance and all the silly and lovely bits in between.. some parts of which I'd missed in the emotion and chaos that is a Wedding day, We'd like to thank Rae for her time, her professional response and warm, friendly nature.
Again, I'd highly recommend this once in a lifetime opportunity to have these memories captured in beautiful format forever xxx THANK YOU!! xxx"
Bournemouth Bride

Special Events